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Rest In Peace Strangerous

Strangerous Anyone who saw us knew about "Strangerous" in one way or another. Strangerous was a central figure in every regard to the 50hm Vaperz Network. He was dedicated to helping everyone he could and because of that kind spirit we all can easily say how much he meant to each and every one of us.

No one was quicker to offer to help. No one spent more time for other people. No one fought harder for what they thought was best. No one was more dedicated. No one cared more.

Simply because of who he was he'd spend hours to help a complete stranger without asking for a thing in return, and that's nothing compared to what he would do for a friend. When he had your back, you knew it. He was your best friend and closest ally, and while he often had the loudest voice in the room, it was because he was as passionate and caring for others as one could be. While he will always be missed by all of us, his passionate, loving, caring, and helpful spirit will live through us forever.

Rest In Peace Michael 'Strangerous' Schultz

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